U.S. Springfield Model 1795 Type III Flintlock Musket
Item #: DROL598
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Model 1795 Flintlock Musket manufactured by the Springfield Armory circa 1811. The lock plate is dated "1811" behind the hammer and the buttplate is dated "1811" on the heel. The musket has a rectangular bayonet lug on the top of the muzzle, brass front sight blade on the upper barrel band, solid barrel bands with band springs and iron ramrod. The lock plate has an integral rounded forged flash pan and beveled edges with a distinct point at the end. The lock has a flat reinforced hammer and frizzen spring with pointed tip. The iron trigger guard is rounded at both ends and has a screw fastened swivel. The black walnut stock has flutes that run about 1/3 of the length of the comb. The lock plate is marked "U.S/SPRINGFIELD in a curve in front of the hammer. The Springfield motif is visible. The left side of the barrel is stamped with "P/Eagle Head/V" proof and inspection marks. A script "U.S." is inscribed onto the lockplate. The Model 1795 Musket was the first standardized and official musket made by the U.S. government and the first firearm manufactured by the Springfield Armory. The Model 1795 Type III Flintlock Musket was one of the primary shoulder arms used by the United States Army during the War of 1812. Crossed Model 1795 Muskets are memorialized as the insignia of the U.S. Infantry.

Manufacture: Springfield Armory U.S.
Model: 1795
BBL: 44 3/4 inch round
Stock: walnut
Gauge: 69 bore
Finish: bright
Serial Number: NSN

Fine. The musket appears to be all original and in the original flintlock configuration. The barrel, lock and iron furniture have a deep brown untouched patina. The barrel and adjacent portions of the lock show some flash pitting. The Springfield eagle on the lock plate is bold and all of the other markings are clear. The sling swivel are present. The stock remains in fine condition. The edges of the lock mortise and flat are reasonably sharp.This is a fine example of one of the most significant and historic U.S. martial long arms. You do not see a musket of this quality very often to buy.

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